School of Sex for Disabled People



edited by Dr Tuppy Owens

with Mark Rivlin

We have created this website so that you can freely enjoy dating, sex, relationships and love. For some, these might be almost the only few things you can enjoy. Having a good sex education makes you happier. healthier and safer!

Some disabled people have described their sex education as worse than useless. Those of us who become disabled later in life may have received no support to continue on their sexual journeys. Some cannot masturbate and don’t know what to do. Some have never been hugged since they were babies or touched in a sensual way, only poked and operated on by medical professionals, and they need to reclaim their bodies, and then learn how to love and enjoy them.

Our contributors are sexually experienced disabled people and those who support them: professionals such as sex workers care staff and enablers. Many disabled people use sexual services in order to learn what their bodies are capable of enjoying, and how to please a partner. These sexual practitioners have a wide experience of seeing disabled clients, and some have been keen to share their expertise here.

We have searched the globe for experienced disabled lovers with a huge variety of impairments, as well as service providers to write for us.

We hope you will agree these make inspiring teachers. If you would like to contribute, please email