Dominants and Submissives

Anonymous Dominant with Spinal Injury
and his Submissive

I have ordered my submissive to write about our beautiful and complex relationship and the multiple dynamics between a dominant and his submissive. We met through mutual friends but initially didn’t have any of these dynamics between us. It slowly came about as our friendship progressed. These are her words and she always does what I request of her.

I am an able-bodied woman who has been having sex with a T5/6 paraplegic for nearly seven amazing years. I want to reiterate the word ‘amazing’ because over time we have explored each other’s bodies inside and out in a safe, fun and exhilarating way.

I have begged him for many years to be my Master and for his own reasons he wouldn’t succumb to such a request. My need for his control, my desire for him to own me was at times unbearable and after six years he gave me that gift.

My now Master whom I adore gives me (his submissive) everything and more.

Rarely I am reminded that at times we are having a threesome, his chair is our third party yet I adore him too. I can make love to them both and feel like My Master has always been mine or I have been his.

I have slept with able-bodied men and only one other paraplegic, like many sexual partners they often don’t fit or feel right, Yet my Master fits me like a glove and that’s why I chose him so that he could engulf me with minimal breathing space.

I do so for my own personal growth – the suffocation is a test and also a spiritual journey of self-discovery with a Master that turns me on like no other man or woman has.

From making love to having the wildest sex in front of people (yes it was delicious) with a disabled partner is for me no different than an able-bodied partner. I hear you say ‘well he can’t walk’, who cares, you don’t walk and have sex anyway!

The only serious limitations we have encountered together are the number of times he makes me squirt! Seriously. I myself have become the person who is disabled, spasming uncontrollably whilst he has to massage my neck whilst I suffer from feelings of autonomic – my blood pressure rises, so if I cum too many times too quickly and I start to get a headache – pressure on my neck helps relieve it.

Are there limitations otherwise? Only one and that is having sex standing up, which we would both love to try and we will one day in his standing frame!

My Master would say his limitation is that he can’t fuck me the way he would like, yet on the upside if he could he said he would come in 30 seconds (as I turn him on so much). The way he functions now he can fuck me literally all night, poor guy in a chair indeed!

Otherwise limitation isn’t a word that has ever come into play for us. The sexual positions we try are exactly the same as able-bodied sex and then some! He fucks me whilst on top of me, my arms and legs wrapped around his stunning body which helps keep his core stable, whilst his legs are tied together with Velcro straps to keep them from spasming and moving position. The position of dominance for me is so sexy; I get to look into my Master’s eyes as he pounds me harder asking me ‘who owns you?’ I melt and climax on his cock after I answer him ‘you do daddy’.

He orders me to lie on a table naked so that he can wheel up to my insatiable pussy that is oozing wetness in his face, he licks me between my legs, my hands have been ordered above my head, my feet pushing down on his wheelchair as I come hard on his fingers. I never tire from wanting him; the more I give myself to him the more he pleasures me. To be ordered by him to kneel then crawl across the floor to him whilst looking at him, knowing he will punish me if I take my eyes off him delights me. I go to suck his manhood, he tells me to wait like a dog, I look at him longingly my loins stirring until he nods and tells me ‘okay’. He owns my arse, and he takes it regularly. Anal sex with him is the best. Whether I am riding his cock with my arse or his legs strapped and taking me from behind, the intensity and the intimacy is often beyond wild! He is a beast – my beast.

Sexual aids
We have used a few sexual aids together including dildos, vibrators, tongue vibrator used in my mouth onto his cock, whips, belts, vibrating panties for when we go out to restaurants, and of course he has the control, literally! And the latest one is the Doxy wand massager, great for his body to help with his tight muscles, yet will give my master different feelings on his shaft and a stronger vibration than the ferticare. He hasn’t climaxed whilst using it as of yet, like he does with the ferticare, where I sit longingly and patiently for him to come in my mouth, it makes me so happy to swallow his release, he knows I am always hungry for him!

The doxy manager is the only control he lets me have sexually, he allows me to sit in between his legs whilst he lay like the king he is on the bed, ready for me to satisfy him. To watch his face move with pleasure, to see his muscles tighten, to see his spasms turns me on so much and I cannot wait to have my turn at pleasuring him whilst I sit on his dick and ride him.

My Master tells me when I can come, he makes me wait until I am begging him to let me come all over him, he is every inch the man that I desire; sexually, he is My Master.

The psychology of Doms/Subs
I don’t believe that two2 people can just have a Dom/Sub relationship, there has to be a degree of psychological awareness, understanding of emotions, separate personal limitations and both have to psychologically compliment the other.

Psychologically and emotionally we know each other, we have shared ourselves and our pasts and we know why we do what we do. We know our issues and where they come from, this is very important in a Dom/Sub relationship. We both know when to intuitively switch from our play-time to just being with each other. It’s a silent freedom that we both need and respect.

I do however believe you can role-play these positions for an evening or a kinky weekend and can be successful. But to sustain this intense relationship can be quite hard. That is not to say it isn’t doable it certainly is yet I understand the limits to it. These limits are time, how long can each person give to the dynamic? There are rules and boundaries like a contract that need to be spoken about first, especially respecting and understanding one another. He respects my work, as I do his hobbies and family times. As his submissive I am his, nobody else’s, which I wouldn’t want any other way and that also means sexually. As my Master he decides whether he wants to fuck other women, the tables psychologically have turned here, able bodied is restricted to him and he is free. This does throw up insecurities at times for me, he is my Master and I am not good at sharing him. My Master is not a master to anyone else and that is the frame of reference I have to refer back to, that and I make him promise to always come back to me.

I decided to give myself to my Master fully, he has the right to tell me what to wear (I personally love this) how to have my hair done, how to greet him, how to wash him, to take care of him, and every bit I love. To serve is very old fashioned I believe, personally I believe a man is a man and my personality is very much a giver and I do so to receive the care and sexual love from my dominant man.

My Master is an already controlling human being, he doesn’t need much coaching on how to be dominant. But if you are looking for dominance in a man who isn’t naturally dominant there are ways to find that, just ask your man to take control of you sexually, if need be show him how, place handcuffs in his hands and beg him to tie you to the bed post, tell him to pull your hair when you are riding him, show him how much he pleases you and how much you desire him. He will soon learn!

Final thoughts
My Master knows my body so well and I do his, from the way I bite his tongue to him biting my ear as he is fucking me from behind, legs strapped of course (so kinky) psychologically we are in tune, we have built a sexual relationship together that is very deep and still we are learning and trying new positions. We are open to each other, we are safe in our play and we respect each other as people. I guess the only control my Master doesn’t have is over time, our lifetime, he tells me to enjoy the journey when we speak about one of us dying, I can honestly say I am enjoying the ride! I have been given permission to write this.

With love, my Master and his ever devoted Sub.

She has completed her task well and will be rewarded for the excellent job she has done, because I am her Master I must always make sure that my submissive is taken care of when she pleases me.