Women Hiring a Sex Worker

by Sophia

Sophia is a London-based young lady with cerebral palsy, who uses a wheelchair

I had never had pain-free intercourse and I could not open my legs wide without pain. At school I had been shown a picture of a woman’s vulva, which had really upset me and I could not bear to look at such images, or accept my own genitals.
I went to see Andrew Rosetta, a male sex worker living in London’s Covent Garden, who had been introduced to me by Tuppy via the website TLC-Trust.org.uk. He would greet me on arrival, offer me a cup of tea, and we’d have a chat. He helped me get undressed. Usually, he massaged me first and sometimes, especially in the beginning, it was only massage or chatting in a relaxed, friendly way.
For intercourse, he would help me get into position lying on the bed. He took care to get us both into exactly the right position for my comfort: he eased his body between my legs and was very gentle, patient and understanding. I’d only ever had intercourse with another disabled man who had been impatient and inconsiderate. The difference with Andrew was amazing: Andrew was so gentle, confident, friendly and genuinely caring. Later, Andrew Rosetta wrote a book: ‘Whatever She Wants’ which included his experience with me.
Now I have become sexually confident and am enjoying all kinds of sex with my partner. I have even, slowly, been able to accept my genitals and look at pictures of other women’s bits.”
I encourage any woman who struggles to enjoy sex to go and see a really good sex worker – go to www.TLC-Trust.org.uk and ask them to suggest a suitable service provider for you.